Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Foxy & Freddie

Foxy & Freddie are our cats. They are not adjusting well to our move. As you can see, they are not sure what to make of all of the boxes all over our house. I can tell that they recognize certain things (they should... it's all the same stuff) but they can't really seem to grasp their new surroundings. I am hoping they learn to embrace their new home... or they may go live in the garage. Maybe...

Freddie is our "special" cat & she has a thing for hiding in the refrigerator. She started doing this last year & I thought I broke her of it but it looks like she has reverted back. I think it is a coping mechanism. I am apparently not allowed to lure her out with treats as it rewards negative behavior. Is it really necessary to use child psychology on my cats? Anyway, before you call the pet authorities on me, she does not stay in the fridge.. I usually have to pull all of that stuff out underneath her and grab her. Lately she's been holding on for dear life which makes it more challenging. I can practically hear her little cat voice snickering as I say lots of bad words trying to get her untangled from the bottom shelf with out knocking over our beer selection... don't tell me you didn't notice... it is quite impressive, we know.

So, here's to hoping that our cats regain some sense of normalcy as the boxes become fewer and fewer.

1 comment:

  1. Only Lepperchauns drink Guinness! Freddie's ears are back in every picture.She looks pretty pissed. Congrats on the house!